Lone Station Simmentals

bred in heavy tick and lantana coastal country

Lone Station Simmentals

Lone Station Simmentals objectives are simple. More saleable beef for our clients earlier with less inputs supported by genetic traits to increase performance and longevity in Queensland’s varied conditions. 

Lone Station believes that the “Traditional Simmental” is the Simmental of choice to achieve and maximise Hybrid Vigour. At Lone Station our breeding philosophy is to maintain and improve the genetic traits of the Traditional Simmental along with focussing on the following desired attributes.

After ten years stud breeding Lone Station Simmentals quickly developed a reputation of producing Simmental Bulls desired by the Queensland Commercial Producer.

Biarra (Brisbane Valley)

Lone Station Simmental studs are bred and raised in the Brisbane Valley (South Eastern Queensland) in Heavy Tick and Lantana scrub country.

Lone Station Simmentals has been certified as JBAS 7 with the entire herd checked for Pesti-Virus in 2016. All bulls sold by Lone Station Simmental Stud have been 3 germ blooded, inoculated for 3-day sickness, botulism and 7-1.

Given the extremely high cattle tick load in the Brisbane Valley the entire herd is regularly treated for cattle tick (seasonal conditions dependent) using a rotating program of treatments to minimise tick resistance. At each treatment all bulls and weaners are weighed enabling accurate measurement of growth throughout all stages of their life at Lone Station.

About Lone Station Simmentals

Founded in 2011 and whilst developing the stud herd the focus was on livestock production, an extensive infrastructure and pasture improvement program but importantly finishing and retailing beef directly into Brisbane.

These early learnings in the production and retail of beef proved invaluable in developing the stud operation as they informed genetic selection, measurement for growth, feed efficiency and refinement of a commercially desirable product.

Our Strategy

Find about more about Lone Stations strategy to breeding commercially focussed Simmental Bulls.