Lone Station Simmentals

We produce Commercially Focused purebred Simmental Bulls to improve the Bottom Line and Profitability of cross breeding operations for the Queensland Cattle Producer.

Produced in the Brisbane Valley (South Eastern Queensland) Lone Station Simmentals are raised in country known as having one of the highest cattle tick loads in Queensland, lantana in most paddocks, a high incidence of buffalo (and stable) fly and dramatically varying climatic conditions. Summers are tough, as being coastal, humidity is extreme with temperatures above 40 degrees commonplace in summer to often frequently below zero (with high winds) in winter.

Given the extremely high cattle tick load regular tick treatments are necessary and this puts an even greater focus on breeding for temperament (as cattle are handled regularly). Having said that this has created the opportunity for more accurate performance recording within the herd for weight and other metrics. Animal weights are recorded periodically throughout the year with performance data used to select animals for high growth rates regardless of seasonal conditions. This benefit allows informed genetic selection based on actual data related to weight and growth which underpins other key performance measures which are considered secondary.

Lone Station Simmentals are known for producing highly desired, commercially focussed Simmentals Bulls for sale to the Queensland commercial cattle producer for selective joining primarily with high Bos Indicus content cattle (i.e. Brahman, Droughtmaster and Santa Gertrudis).

Integrity and Accountability in Cattle Stud Breeding Operations

Sound bull selection is critical to the financial success of any beef operation and for that reason Lone Station has established “True to Label” to demonstrate integrity and accountability in our sale bulls.

True to Label means that you can be assured that all Lone Station Simmental bulls have been through the following rigorous measurements to assist you in the selection of your next sire.

Registered purebred (8/8) with the Australian Simmental Breeders Association “to Guarantee Hybrid Vigour”

Bull soundness evaluations performed by qualified veterinarians “Bulls are in correct working order when they leave Lone Station Simmentals”

DNA verified to sire “If a pedigree is considered in making a purchasing decision- Lone Station Simmentals has an obligation to make sure that pedigree is accurate”

Birthdays accurate within 10 days and bulls mouthed “Age is genuine allowing accurate assessments on growth rates” ​

Scanned for P8, RIB, EMA AND IMF (%) Not only do these scans show vital indicators for the finishing, grading and retail of beef but also show that bulls haven’t been overprepared. “i.e. scanning >10mm on P8 and Rib is not the norm for a group of Simmental Bulls”

Semen tested and scrotal circumference measured “Semen motility testing is performed with scrotal circumference also measured (as an indicator of the age of sexual maturity for females)”

No hoof trimming or hair clipping “Purchasing decisions including consideration of feet and hair type are on the genuine article”

Unlike some other stud breeders scanning and semen testing occurs at the same time giving the buyer a true indication of semen motility.

Genetic Traits

At Lone Station we seek to maintain and improve the genetic traits of the Traditional Simmental along with the following desired attributes.

Simmental Breed

Find out more about Simmental Bulls for Sale and the Simmental Breed

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